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Guernsey Chamber membership benefits your whole business – from raising your profile and building contacts to cost-savings and access to expert advice. 

  • 12-month membership £100 - automatically renewed each year unless you cancel. We will notify you as your renewal date is approaching and advise you of any changes.  
  • Your membership fee includes all members of your organisation. 

Being a startup member of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce can be highly advantageous for new businesses. Here are some key benefits that startups can gain from joining:

  1. Free Member Events: As a startup member, you can attend various events organized by the Chamber for free. These events provide opportunities to network, learn from industry leaders, and connect with potential clients, partners, or investors.
  2. Discounted Monthly Chamber Lunches: The Chamber hosts monthly lunches at the OGH, and as a startup member, you can attend these lunches at a discounted rate. This offers a chance to network with a diverse group of business professionals and gain valuable insights.
  3. Member-to-Member Offers and Discounts: Being part of the Chamber community allows startups to access exclusive offers and discounts provided by other member businesses. This can be beneficial in reducing operational costs or accessing services at a more affordable rate.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The Chamber organises numerous networking events throughout the year. As a startup member, you get to participate in these events, for free. Our networking events help you build relationships, find potential customers or clients, and seek out business partnerships.
  5. Website Promotion: Startup members can add their news and events to the Chamber's website, gaining online visibility and reaching a broader audience. This exposure can help in creating brand awareness and attracting potential customers.
  6. Directory Listings: Being a member ensures your startup's inclusion in the Chamber's online directory, making it easier for potential customers or partners to find and contact your business.
  7. Chamber Newsletter Promotion: The Chamber sends out regular newsletters to its members, keeping them informed about relevant news and updates. Startup members can benefit from promotional opportunities within these newsletters, helping to reach a targeted audience.
  8. Access to Resources: As a startup member, you gain access to resources and information provided by the Chamber. This may include business development tools, industry insights, and valuable advice from experienced entrepreneurs.
  9. Supportive Community: Joining the Chamber connects startups to a supportive community of businesses. This can be particularly valuable for new businesses that can benefit from mentorship, advice, and support from more established companies.
  10. Visibility and Credibility: Being associated with the Chamber lends credibility to startups, especially for potential customers or investors who recognize the Chamber as a reputable business organization.
  11. Access to event space. As a Chamber member you have access to the event space at Chamber HQ.  
  12. Co-working space. We understand that working from home can sometimes be lonely.  Join the Chamber office team at our Market Buildings HQ for co-working, free tea & coffee.  
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