Join us on the 14th of November, at the Chamber Gala Dinner in association with Specsavers

Our speaker for the evening is none other than Mary Portas.

While renowned as the 'Queen of the High-street,' Mary is currently championing initiatives that prioritise both people and the planet and her insights promise to inspire.

Under the theme of "People and Planet," this event will focus on nurturing talent, bridging the skills gap, and guiding businesses towards a net-zero future, as we aspire to foster a sustainable and internationally competitive business community.

Mary Portas' work, highlighted in her books "Rebuild" and "Work Like a Woman," and as lead presenter on The Great Climate Fight on Channel 4 advocates for a holistic approach to business.

In a post pandemic and climate challenged world, her message resonates deeply: businesses must drive positive change, creating good jobs, adding value to society, and taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

Join us (and Mary) to for a world where the well-being of our planet and people flourish and commerce thrives.